We believe in greatness, the vibration of creation; The Lucid connection we all share

“13 years ago, Lucid Artists was engaged in Graphic Design, Web Design, and Printing with the simple goal of helping our friends save money and dream larger. We started this company by helping our friends and we don’t intend to stop now..

We are now developed into many more services; Consultation, Brand Development, Project Management, Mobile Design, Audio, Video, Social Media Content and confident in offering our Custom solutions to the public, and our robust marketing solutions tie it all together with Geo, IP Targeting, Proximity, Keyword, Site Retargeting, Email, Text, Traditional and Social Media Campaigns.

We learned what is needed for success; at your core, a trusted team.

Today, we are a collective of trusted businesses owners, organizations and passionate individuals that fuel a more vibrant, thoughtful and thriving world for all. A Lucid World where true support, education, creativity, integrity and fruitful endeavors are common expectation.

Looking forward to our endless tomorrows, we keep our Lucid focus by standing as a protective pillar for the bold, fearless & innovative. We support Dreamers by helping design the details of their dreams. Every supported Intellectual Property and Cause breeds another stronger initiative.

What would it look like if everyone’s dream was supported in collaboration, realization, and cultivation; and everyone was able to live their dreams?
Our goal is creating the answer to this question.


Imagine having your marketing expenses paid for you!

Simply, Consult with us and we will set a marketing goal.
We will gift to you 1, 10 or 100 Points for every referral. The more you refer, the more you get.

If you hit your goal Or want to start a new lucid project with your points.
*You will receive 10 minutes of design time FREE.

Cash-out at anytime, and we will email you a check.
1 Point equals $1
*10 Point Minimum to Cash-Out.

Or Donate to one of our quarterly causes and we will match you $1 per every 1 Point you donate.


Each quarter we spotlight multiple causes to donate to, by giving money, design, or time.
Our hope is to effect many. We believe in the good and want to grow this future on all fronts.

Our Causes This Quarter
(2nd 2018) 

A New Dimension Of Hope  •  Holistic Learning Sanctuary

Know of a Project, Non-Profit or Cause with Lucid intentions?
Let us know below and we will add them to our list of prospects.

Lucid Arts

Knowing that the Arts are traditionally the first thing to be removed from schools. The Lucid Arts program was born out of necessity - We want to stand as a protective pillar for education in the arts, creation, innovation, and wish to support as many Lucid Causes as we can manage.

We also showcase many forms of art and promote organizations, businesses and individuals with a positive attitude, an eye focuses on helping all to thrive.

If you would like to be a part of the Lucid Arts team, lets move forward together, contact us.

"Elevating Worldkind"

Some of the Causes & Business Lucid Artists have worked with and/or supported:

Submit any requests here. Let's start building the future.
Peace - Love - Lucid

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