"Elevating Passion, People, Creation And Worldkind"


Lucid Artists believe something larger, the vibration of heart, creativity, the connection that we all share.

We are a collective of Lucid businesses, organizations and individuals that want to
support and give back to a positive loving world for all.

The Heart of our Business is the Lucid World.

The Lucid World consists of those who choose to connect and create deeper, for the betterment of all. Lucid Artists are corporate professionals to board members, educators and beyond - Lucid Artists believe in being a bright beacon.

We create for impact, not profit. We champion the bold, fearless & innovative.
Our belief resides with people. Lucid Artists are... you, working, creating and supporting you.

We learned, to help others accomplish and be successful. Their core needs: trusted and supportive partners.

Whether you are big business, mom and pop, or simply putting together a personal business or passion project.
Our services will exceed your needs.

We Offer Consultation, Brand Development, Project Management, Graphic, Web And Mobile Designs. As well as Audio, Video, and Social Media Production; Printing, Content or Any Custom Projects. We also offer Geo, Ip Targeting, And Proximity Marketing to grow and better your initiative and future..

If you would like further information to any Lucid Artist Services or Programs, please visit the Lucid Library.
Then simply contact us to start your project. Our goal is to make every process quick and easy, thus giving you more time on any, but especially Lucid endeavors.

We are always looking for Lucid minded organizations and people, art and opportunities. Our ears are always open. Contact us.

Quality marketing, discounted rates, payment plans, inspiration, whatever we can do to help.
Our reimagined referral program showcases this perfectly:

Referral Program

We will pay your marketing expenses for you!

If you Hit Your Goal Or Want to Start A New Lucid Project.
*You will receive 10 minutes of design time FREE.

Cash-out at anytime, and we will email you a check.
*10 Point Minimum to Cash-Out.

Or Donate to one of our quarterly causes and we will match you $1 per every 1 point you donate.

If you would like further information to any Lucid Artist Services or Programs, please visit the Lucid Library.


Each quarter, we spotlight causes to donate a portion of our proceeds, by giving money, design, or time.
Our hope is to effect many. We believe in the good of people and want to grow this future on all fronts.

Our Causes This Quarter
(2nd 2018) 

Cause 1 (Link)  •  Cause 2  (Link)  •  Cause 3 (Lucid Arts Page Link)

Know of a Project, Non-Profit or Cause with Lucid intentions? Let us know and we will add them to our list of prospects.

Lucid Arts

Lucid Arts supports education of the arts, innovation, and support of Lucid Causes.
We also showcase many forms of art and promote positive creativity.
And companies and individuals with a positive attitude, an eye for innovation and strong skills.

If you would like to be a part of Team Lucid, lets move the world forward together, contact us.

Causes and Business Lucid Artists have worked with:

Submit any requests here, and let's begin building the future.
Peace - Love - Lucid

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